Barite powder, in white or grey color, is a kind of important mineral containing barium. It has many advantages, such as strong chemical inert, good stability, acid and alkali proof, high density, moderate rigidity, high specific gravity, high whiteness, harmful rays absorbing (X ray and T ray), no poison and no magnetism. In this case, it is widely used in the fields of chemistry, paint, rubber, glass, paper, pottery and medicine etc. According to the latest statistics. barite powder is more than 2000 kinds of uses.

    When used in dope and paint, barite powder can be used as filler and can take place of some expensive materials such as precipitated barium sulfate, titanium dioxide etc. In manufacture of paint, it can control the viscosity of the paint and make the products bright in color, luster and good stability.

    When used in plastic industry, barite powder can be used as filler in plastics like ABS and make the products bright in color and luster. lt can also improve the intensity, stiffness and abrasive resistance of the products.

    When used in rubber industry, barite powder with size smaller than 28um can be used as filler in rubber products and the products become acid, alkali and water proof. Also it can reduce costs and improve the intensity of the products.

    When used in medicine, it can be used as barium meal material for intestines and stomach reflection. As filler in plaster and dosage, it can increase the shelf if e of the medicine.

    When used in paper making industry, barite powder with high fineness is used as filler in white paper board and coat paper so as to improve the whiteness and percentage of coverage.

    When used in cosmetic industry, the properties of barite powder such as high whiteness, gentle and harmless to skin allow it to replace titanium dioxide.

    Barite powder can also be used in the manufacture of pottery.


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